Payment Protection
GetDeviceID vs Fingerprint Pro
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Feature Comparison
Fingerprint Pro
Get Device ID
Core Features
ID Lifetime
months / years
months / years
Incognito Detection
Pricing By API Call
Option Available
Option Available
Price/API Call
$200 per 100,000 queries
$100 per 100,000 queries
Pricing By Unique IDs
Option Not Available
Option Available
Option Not Available
$100 per 20,000 Unique IDs
Installation by JS snippet
SDKs for popular frameworks
Redirect Mode
Pricing options for your use case
GetDeviceID offers per-API-call or per-unique-visitor pricing. Choose how to be charged based on your use case. Our pricing calculator automatically recommends the best plan for you at the end of each month.
Flexible and simple Installation
Install via a simple code snippet, installing our SDKs or using our Redirect Mode option which allows you to get user Device ID’s through a lightning quick redirect through our server that is imperceptible to users.
Switch easily in minutes
If you’re coming from Fingerprint, our script and SDK can be easily plugged into your repo by simply replacing a few lines of code. No rework required for your implementation.
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